Guidelines for Reading Responses

Guidelines for Reading Responses

This reading response will be a personal response to the reading, along with a visual element to further your point. For your response, you may choose any of the readings we have done between the last reading response and the time the new one is due. You may discuss any element of the reading in these posts; however, your post must make a clear claim about the reading which is supported by evidence within the text. For example, you could use the text to make an argument about something in current society, but you must explain why/how the text does this. Similarly, if you discuss how the text affected you personally, you must point out why or/and how, and use this to make a specific point about the text’s topic, style, etc. I welcome the use of external sources to further support your point, but other than your multi-modal element, this is not required.

Each post must have an element which makes your post multi-modal (not simply linear, print writing), which can be from another source, or you can create it yourself. This visual or audio element could be anything from a video to a photo, or even a meme or podcast. However, if you use someone else’s work, you must cite the source. This might mean including a link to the original content or making a citation in MLA format. It must be apparent how your multi-modal element connects to your overall purpose. That means you must decide to what extent you do or do not discuss it in your text, and whether you use additional framing mechanisms, such as captions for photos.

Each post must:

  • Be a minimum of 350 words
  • Have an additional element that makes it multi-modal
  • Make a specific point about the text
  • Cite both the text being analyzed and any outside sources

These five blog posts will be due each Wednesday noted on the calendar, two hours before class begins. Each reading response will be graded on a 10-point scale.



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